Friday, September 03, 2004

Tonight I sailed into the sunset

I sent an email to my "sisters", my gal pals, who I've either known since forever, or my new close Christian sisters telling them my sad news that M has made his choice, and it is to go. I expressed in this email that I needed to not be alone tonight and tomorrow night while M is at a Lakota tribal sweat with his friend. I am so blessed to have several friends offer to spend time with me. Tonight some bible study friends invited me and the kids to go sailing on their boat with them and another family. It was perfect. The air was sweet and not too warm, the breeze was not too breezy, just perfect. I got to watch the whole sunset from start to finish. Something I am quite fond of, but haven't done for I don't know how long--too long. It may be surprising that it could be so peaceful with nine children and six adults on board, but it was. No one even fell overboard, although one (not mine) kid got beamed a couple times by the boom and a few others bumped their noggins at one time or another. I am convinced that it is near impossible to be stressed out in while sailing on such a fine evening, especially if you don't have to do any of the work. The sound of the water lapping up against the sides of the boat, the breeze, the vibrant display of color in the clouds all soothe away the frown marks on my face and I can even smile. God did this. I am always so greatly impressed by nature, by God's design in His creation, it draws me to him every time. It is like a sanctuary for me.
Now I am home. I had to carry each child individually into the house and ready them for bed while they continued to sleep from the car ride. They are now all tucked away into their beds, maybe they will dream of the sunset we shared tonight. I hope so, I hope I do too.