Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I had a doctor appointment today, and since I was in a hurry to scoot out the door, and no fluffy books were handy, I went without my own reading material. How long could the wait be anyway?
It was long. I sat at first, just sitting. Then I picked up a magazine that I thought was a little out of place for a "woman's doctor" office. It was Esquire. The issue was on photography, but it seemed as though it was on the female form. The spread on funny faces of serious people had many photos that made me chuckle out loud, and for me that is rare. But really, what is a men's magazine doing in an ob/gyn office? We don't want to be confronted with perfectly formed female bodies when we are in our ninth month of pregnancy, nor when we are post-partum and trying to shed all that baby fat. I am certainly not pregnant, and even though I still have some baby fat to shed, most of it is gone, and that is probably why I didn't feel threatened flipping through it. I was curious to see how men's mags are different from women's, and boy was it obvious. Women's mags have recipes and home decor and make up and fashion tips, men's mags have LOTS of images of partially or totally nude women and very expensive suits.
Finally my name was called and I got to go back into the "little room" and wait in my pink paper sheet. My doctor used to have real cloth gowns that were ample enough to fit a two hundred fifty pound girth, but several years ago when there was a drought she switched to the paper ones. She liked not having to do the laundry so much, she stuck with them. The paper is no good. It is crunchy and it tears and it doesn't really cover anything. What is the point? It is so we can pretend that we are modest in the eyes of our doctor who has seen more of us than we ever will. I sat in that exam room for fifteen minutes more before the doc came in.
This afternoon was packed with waiting in traffic, waiting at Jiffy Lube, waiting in more traffic and waiting at the vehicle emissions testing. The good news: I passed. Yippee.
I had hoped to have a little time to myself while the kids were with their dad, but that was cut very short, so I had to settle for a quick cuppa and cookie and then back into traffic.

On another note, the summer of waiting for a new Gilmore Girls episode had ended. Tinight was the season premiere and I taped it,(yay for me, I figured out how to record on my VCR). Sometimes I let the boys watch it with me since it starts at eight o'clock and is usually funny and light, but the themes seem to be shifting to a heavier side. I was grossly disappointed in Rory. She is supposed to be the "good" one. What she did was totally against her character. On the other hand, it is about time that Lorelai and Luke set their eyes on each other. Their names are even aliterated-how sickeningly sweet. (Oh, and by the way my girl isn't named after that Gilmore girl, different spelling, mine is German.)