Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ticking Time bomb

Today, I decided to cut my Wednesday morning WOW meeting of Mothers of Young Children. Last week when I attended, I expected to see some new faces in our group, but was looking forward to the old ones I had gotten to know last year. Much to my surprise, there were very few of those old faces. It was a tough morning, and somedays I just don't want to meet new people and either pretend I am happy and well or tell my sad situation. I don't want pity. I don't want to make people uncomfortable to be around me, and I don't want to burst into sobs in a room full of well intentioned strangers. So, we stayed home today. Got caught up on some missed lessons, and then we headed out to IKEA. Going to IKEA is like stepping into a small corner of Europe for me. It is trendy and mod, reasonably priced and there are interesting names to things that are hard to pronounce, like "Leksvik" or "Mula" or "Dekad". My favorite today is "Traktor". Yes, it is easy to pronounce, but more fun to sit on. It is a bight green (John Deere green) stool on wheels and the seat is shaped just like one from an old fashioned tractor. It would be great in my sewing studio. I loved sliding around on it. L liked it too. I didn't buy it, this time, for budgetary reasons, but I did buy "Dekad". It was the cutest black, old fashioned bell and hammer alarm clock. I thought it was probably battery operated like all the others in the store, but after I took it out of the cellophane, I realized, "It's a wind up!" I assured myself it can't be that bad. (I need an alarm clock, because M took ours,which wasn't working well anyway, and I need to start getting up before the children.) Anyway, I sit here listening to what sounds like a ticking time bomb, there is no way I can use this. Besides, I have to wind it daily, I think. I won't remember, oh! and the bell! Looks can be so deceiving, well actually in this case, it is exactly what it looks like, I only assumed that it was more modern and quiet since it is new, and from IKEA.