Saturday, May 27, 2006

Voici mon handbag

This bag I made for myself, to try out an idea...I bought the Parisian themed fabric while in Japan, thinking I would make something to go with my bathroom theme...then decided it would make a great bag! Notice the hot pink lining for pizzaz.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Mama's got a brand new bag

I made this for my Mama for her Mother's Day gift. I'm horrible at documenting my work, but the very knowledge of the fact that there are some people reading this who like to see my projects sometimes reminds me to take a photo (even if it's just a crappy one on my phone cam). This bag features a zipper, one strap and two interior pockets, one of which is perfect for glasses...all elements that I knew my mom would appreciate in her handbag. She proudly totes it and is a great promoter!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

little dresses for sweet nieces

Top: for Aislinn, a little crinkle cotton knit nightgown with lettuce edging at hem and sleeves.
Bottom: for Ava, a tangerine stripe cotton knit crossover dress with contrasting floral trim at neck. (I intended to do a lettuce edge here too, but this knit didn't have the stretch and recovery for it to look nice.)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Fruits

The garden is coming along quite nicely. So far we have planted lettuces, sugar snap peas, two varieties of tomatoes, basil, a pepper plant, various beautiful herbs, and the strawberry bed is really looking promising this year (for the first time ever!) I have covered the bed with net tulle to keep out the birds and chipmunks, so perhaps this year I'll be able to make some jam. I checked yesterday and should have picked the five that were nearly ripe, because the rainy weather caused some of them to prematurely rot. Oh well. These two will be shared among the children.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Baa Ram Ewe

What fun can be had at a sheep and wool festival? Well, if you are a color and texture loving person like MK (MK's summary of the festival is here ) and me, you'd have loads of fun petting delicious skeins of yarns and bundles of rovings (pictured), fingering woven, knitted and crocheted textiles, admiring skillfully crafted spinning wheels and looms, and patting angora bunnies, goats, sheep, llamas and my favorite, alpacas! There were a pair being sold for $1500, and it was sure tempting...(I think I've mentioned here that is one of my dreams, to have an alpaca farm. I am doubtful of it actualizing, but it still remains an interest.) I saw so many beautiful colors and patterns, my eyes could scarcely drink them in, and choosing my favorite yarn would be impossible. The two skeins I came home with, however, are a gorgeous deep, dark varigated purple/black/indigo wool/camel blend. This fiber "blooms" when washed and tumbled without heat, which means the fibers open up and get very, very soft almost like felting. It is my intention to make a shawl, poncho or some kind of wrap for myself...I'll try to remember to post it when it is ever finished.

Dating myself?

Last week I had coffee with my cousin at Donna's and liked the waiter so much, I decided to return this weekend...Well, the food there is really good and the location is pretty too. I have never eaten at a restaurant alone before. It's been one of the things to do on my list of things do to now that I'm single. I'm not sure if sitting at the bar to eat counts as dining alone, but I've got to start somewhere. The bartender was really nice, and since I was the only one keeping him company (even though it was an insanely busy night there) we made pleasant conversation. I also got to see some of the behind the scenes stuff which was fun too. Like the worn out waitress who had the table of 15+ people who had a bill of over $300! She said she didn't even know how many were at the table, they kept coming and going. The disappearance of the white wine "special" and the impailing of the bartender's hand on the snapped stem of a wine glass. (I saw three glasses break while sitting there.) I was able to keep an eye on my favorite waiter too, but wasn't feeling bold enough for anything beyond that. After my delicious roast beef sandwich and pinot noir, I took myself duckpin bowling. I'm a horrible bowler, in fact, for the first few rounds I accidently was hitting the reset button instead of the clear lane button (so that lowered my score a bit). I bowled two games at 77 the first and 66 the second, I couldn't even break 100! And these were duckpins people! I think the swirling colored lights and strobe effects for rock'n bowl were impairing my performance... then I ended the evening with Inge and Greg playing some games and talking until the wee small hours of the morning. (Thanks again you two for putting me up! or was it putting up with me?)

Next morning at the Christian Life and Witness class, I sat next to my friend Nancy and when it was over, she remarked, "You're a fun date. No pressure at the end either." I have to agree, I was a fun date. I'll have to do it again sometime.