Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm still waiting for the pictures so I can post them with my Greek wedding entry....thanks for your patience. (Notice the new profile pic? That's me in the car coming home from the wedding. I stopped by the bride's condo and saw some of the wedding pics her photographer took, they look promising, I hope she emails me some soon.)

Other reasons for not posting, well, I've just not really felt like it. Sometimes this happens to bloggers, and it happens to me, usually when the weather warms. A little seasonal depression I think. You see the anniversaries of my wedding and divorce are less than a week apart. This year I realized that not only is my divorce day 6-6-06, but it's also "D-Day"...that's kind of a strange coincidence, don't you think? Anyhow, I think it's beginning to lift. I'll know better after things calm down around here.

I'm sorry to say the baby bunnies have eaten all our sugar snap peas (planted twice!) and strawberries this spring...This is because Jasmine, our cat, passed away earlier this year. She was almost 17 years old and the best darned cat I've ever had. But my mom is also tired of all the baby bunnies, chipmunks and other varmints running wild here (spreading ticks and eating everything), so she finally agreed to get a kitten and brought one home on Friday. Mom named her "Segen", which means "blessing" in German. She's a sprightly little tabby cat with a white chin. We absolutely love her!

Both my brother and sister's families are here this week, so it's kinda busy round here. Just this afternoon I had 11 of the 13 children in my living room watching Charlotte's Web. It seems the days are filled with making food, cleaning up dishes and providing entertaining ideas to keep kids busy. There is a lot for kids to enjoy up here. Just this year we were given a swing/play set and I also got a horsey tire swing for my kids with some gifted Christmas money. My dad (still recovering from Lyme's) also put up another tire swing which hangs on a very long rope from a very tall tree and provides a very satisfying ride. There are cherries to pick, bikes to ride, scooters to scoot.... a sandbox, wading pool, and lots of driveway for chalk drawings. Yesterday I organized some water balloon volley ball, and a water balloon fight. Great fun! My kids aren't going to know what to do with themselves when all their cousins leave.

Monday, June 04, 2007

A to Z

Another one of those meme thingies... this one was sent to me on myspace, and instead of sending it to everyone there , I thought I'd post it here.

A - AVAILABLE?: -- very

B - BEST SPORT?: -- frisbee

C - CRUSH?: -- Adrian Grenier (in Devil Wears Prada)

D- DREAMS?: -- often and weird


F - FAVORITE COLOR?: -- cerulean (because I like to say it, but I'm fond of lots of colors, especially purple)



I - INSTRUMENT?: --kazoo or tambourine

J - JUICE?: -- cran-anything

K - KIND OF MUSIC?:-- it depends on the mood

L - LONGEST CAR RIDE?: -- Baltimore to Colorado

O - ONE WISH?: -- a helpmate

P - PHOBIA/FEARS?: -- spiders

Q - FAVORITE QUOTE?: --" Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intellegently." Albert Einstein

R - REASON TO SMILE?: -- the 3 munchkins

S - LAST SONG YOU HEARD?: -- "Lead me Lord" (I just sang it to the kiddos)

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP TODAY?: -- 6:55 am

U - UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME?: -- I curl my toes under when I'm nervous

V - VEGETABLE YOU DON'T LIKE?: -- eggplant

W - WORST HABIT?: -- staying up too late, cracking my neck

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD?: -- teeth, chest

Y - YUMMY FOOD?: -- dark chocolate

Z - ZOO ANIMAL?: -- polar bears, otters and prairie dogs