Monday, August 30, 2004

Amish cooking isn't so good

We took the children for a little getaway that I planned to Lancaster County, PA. We stayed in a "cottage" at Ridge Run Family Campground which claims to have six lakes on the premises. They are not lakes at all, they are ponds covered in scum, the "cottage" was a prefab 12x24 foot structure with kitchenette, bathroom, carpetted loft, futon, and table with four chairs. It was as pictured on the website, but the other pictures were somewhat misleading. The position of the cottage was amidst the resident RV owners, so it had a very trailer park feel to it. The playgrounds, save the one pictured online, were rundown and rusty. My husband kept asking, "Why is everyone so fat?" It was a relevant question, because I would say that of all the people we saw this weekend 5% or less were not obviously overweight.
Friday night I had to keep laughing because the food and the ambience were sub-par. I thought Amish cooking was supposed to be really wonderful, so we went to a place called The Amish Barn, (note to self: do not eat in places with "barn" in the name), for some family style cooking. YUCK! If you like overcooked cafeteria food this is the place for you, but I like my veggies fresh and crisp, my meat tender and any condiments to be recognizeable. Not knowing what shoe-fly pie was made of I asked. "It is just like pecan pie without the nuts, " the waitress announced. No nuts? What is the point? We got out of there as fast as we could, but not before shelling out 60 bucks for our lame-o meal.
Saturday was better, we visited the Indian Echo Caverns, and it was beautiful. Our tour guide was "so boring I couldn't even believe it", to quote D, but you just don't get to see three million year old rock formations like that everyday. ( K said, "He was so boring you could not eat a stick. " whatever that means) Afterward we went back to camp, had a swim, some lunch and then a nice big nap. We then visited Nissely winery for a free tour and sampling, but the wine wasn't worth buying. We cooked in and made a campfire, drank beer and chatted with the ten year old boys shining laser guns at us.
Our children had a fabulous time, and I didn't get all stressed out and tense as I sometimes do on a trip, (and I was even pmsing). M and I got along swimingly, despite his indecision to stay with me. On our way home, we stopped at Hershey's Chocolate World for the free tour, and I had planned to have lunch there, but M thought it was too crazy. We settled for some status quo pub food at the YP grill, and then headed home. Overall things went as planned, and what didn't I am the wiser for. It did dawn on me after we got back that staying in a cabin at a campground may be a good route for us in the future. It is way cheaper than a hotel, and there is a little more room, plus we can cook in and save money that way too. Maybe we will try it again in a slightly more interesting town.