Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Baby Steps

We are enjoying our stay at Holden Beach, N.C. The trip down was somewhat eventful, with D throwing up his popcorn and chocolate milk (apparently not a good combination) two hours into the trip. I managed to keep my breakfast down by the grace of God, because the smell that permeated the minivan was atrocious. The little gas station air freshener just made it worse for me. Anyhow, we arrived and have been having lots of down time which is exactly what we needed.
Yesterday L took her first series of steps, actual walking! Of course I missed this milestone, because I was napping, and Oma was on duty. Eight steps all by herself. L took three steps to me earlier that day, but it isn't quite the same.
K brought his new Batman suit which we purchased with all the loose change in the house, and all of the boys have been sharing it with him. They divide up the pieces of the costume, one has the hat, another has the cape, etc., so we have four "Batmen" in all. Amazing how some cloth can provide hours of creative entertainment.

I have been personally benefitting from squishing my toes around in the warm wet sand, gazing at the stars at midnight and taking long walks along the shore. L loves the sand, so much so that she had it in her diaper the next day. She had eaten several handfuls of the stuff. Yuck.
I have also discovered that the ocean is a great place for "yawping," although I haven't felt the need since being here. The white noise of the crashing waves drowns any other loud noises quite well. I remembered this when trying to call out to K from the shore, and of course he couldn't hear me.