Saturday, September 04, 2004

Spiders in the tub

It has begun. The season of spiders. Every year around this time I find spiders almost daily in my bathtub and elsewhere in the house. This morning while taking a shower, I reached over for my mamoth bottle of salon shampoo that cost way too much, squirted out a palmful and as I placed it back in the corner, I noticed a spider an inch from my hand. EEEK! I managed not to freak out, that could be quite dangerous in a slippery shower, and I had just begun to lather. As I set down the bottle, it moved. The spider (about the size of a pinky fingernail) was crawling up the slippery shower wall. I almost broke into the song the eensy weensy spider, but at the time it didn't seem so eensy. It would crawl up a few inches and then slide down again, and continued to do this. I was actually impressed by its persistence.
Yesterday, while shaking out the slipcover I had hanging out to dry, a spider landed on my bare foot and started to climb up my leg underneath my pants. It was quite safe to freak out this time, so I did, beautifully. I must have been a sight. Shaking my pant leg for all it was worth, stomping up and down, making noises of disgust.
We actually had a couple spiders living in a jar on my kitchen windowsill that the boys had captured and wanted to watch spin webs. They are dead now, but still in the jar. It is good to have boys who love spiders, it helps me appreciate the amazingness of them. Actually, I am fascinated by them, but at the same time I am grossed out by all those legs and eyes, and they move so irradically. I don't mind watching them behind the safety of glass. I am quite brave then when I know they can't touch me. So now that my boys aren't afraid of them anymore (I once had to pretend that they didn't freak me out just so they wouldn't get scared), maybe they can catch and release the ones we will be finding each day in the tub. Where they come from, I have no idea. It is like the mecca of all spiders: "We must journey to the bathtub, and there we will await the giant who takes us to the great beyond." Flush.