Sunday, October 31, 2004


So, we (the children and I) had a lovely day today: gorgeous fall day, unseasonalbly warm, blue skies, strong breezes and the colors, oh, the autumnal colors. Took the scenic route home from church, to let L fall asleep longer and to enjoy the foliage and surperbness of the day. After church, the children, Oma (g-pa is away visiting a dear friend) and the godparents and I celebrated L's first birthday together. Oma blessed us with yummy vittles and a chocolate cake with pink icing with little marshmellow bunnies all around the sides, like she made for me when I turned six. :) K and D had lots of fun fighting Dorian with their "light sabers" and A and L enjoyed following each other around. MK wanted to download some more pictures she took of our trip to the farm onto my computer, and that is where the "bowling words" came from. Now my freakin' computer won't work, so it seems that I will be cutting back a bit on the blogging. I know some of you have been faithful readers, and I will still try to get in on the folks computer when I have a moment every now and then, but it certainly won't be the same. I hope the derned thing is fixable, it is my internet machine, and I had just passed up the offer of my mom's computer a few weeks ago since I thought mine worked fine. Mom's has now been donated to a charitable cause, and could be half way round the world by now. :(

Ironically, I had been thinking that perhaps I was spending too many late hours on the internet reading blogs and gaining info about various things, that I was preparing a more restrictive schedule of my computer usage. I suppose God intervened here to let me know I do need a bit of a break from the distraction of emails and blogging from my everyday responsibilities.

But please do keep checking in periodically, perhaps it won't be too much of a difference in my posting- I think I average 3 a week. So, in the meantime, if you know me and want to know how it is going, just call me instead- and we'll talk. :)