Saturday, October 02, 2004

Sisters, shopping and some other stuff

Today I had lots of fun shopping in Roland Park with my two sisters-in-law. We were checking some cute little stores for maternity clothes (sister-in-law #1 due in April), consignment and toys. My greatest find was the adult size hula hoop! (I am sure it is a physics related problem, but a child's sized one wouldn't go round and round. ) I've been looking for one for a while, and I am pleasantly surprised to discover that, "I've still got it, baby!" (It was either get a hula hoop or take belly dancing class, and the hula hoop was much more economical.) Also picked up some colorful jumpropes for homeschool phs. ed. We then got to check out the house that pregnant sister and husband are "renovating". That have a lot to get done before the bambino arrives, and they hope to move in December. We shall see. I rounded out the evening by attending a lecture at University Baptist Church, part of the weekend series of lectures this weekend titled, "Worth a Thousand Words: Illuminating Biblical Text Through Art and Archaeology," by John Roberts, pastor emeritus at Woodbrook Baptist Church. It was really good to do something out of the daily routine, but I think my expectations were a bit high for the lecture (strong Baptist inferences, but I am always pleased when church folk get together to discuss art). Tonight's was on Jesus' conception, the wedding at Cana, the calling of Matthew, and the prodigal son. It brought back some of those old college memories of "art in the dark". I shall close off this lovely day with the French film "Bon Voyage" which was highly recommended by my biological sister. She said it would be a nice escape even if it wasn't a good story, which it is, there is a very handsome actor worth staring at for a couple hours. Vive la France!