Saturday, October 16, 2004

Burning down the house

I just nearly set the house on fire. I am sitting in a cloud of smoke and wondering how to get the smell of burning plastic out of here.

I had turned on the stove to make tea, but I switched on the wrong burner by mistake. I went to check my email, and started to smell something burn. I figured it was crumbs or a stray piece of pasta, so I kept typing away. Then I wondered why the kettle hadn't whistled yet. I go in the kitchen and there is smoke everywhere (I better check that smoke alarm- it didn't go off! scary). I had a spatula in a small pan that I had made scrambled eggs in this morning, and the spatula was totally melted in the pan! the handle had burned off and was lying on the counter. So, I am now wondering if I could get high on these fumes, and maybe I am already.

Hey who lets those elephants in here? Trippy.