Sunday, October 17, 2004


I have begun my latest sewing project, it is an asian inspired top, called a cheongsam, (for those of you who are wondering what that is.) It has been really good to have my head in something creative again. Let's see my last project was... the dragonfly pants in August, yes, so it has been a while. I have never made one like this before, and am frustrated with the assymetrical button closure at the front. Hmm, I don't read pattern instructions anymore, because they are so convoluded, but I might have to see where this is going. I thought I understood the construction here, but it isn't making sense to me as I try to put it together. Blah. This is what happens when I am not in the sewing groove. I get rusty fast. Part of the problem is my sewing studio is currently in my bedroom, and it isn't ideal. I like to get a project underway and then hop back into it whenever I get a chance, but with this set up, I have to put everything away when I am done each stint, which prevents me from wanting to get back into it. I am going to reopen my "studio" when I get some motivation to clean that "other" room out. It used to be my special place. I would go in there and get away from the house and kids and just sew and sew and sew until the wee hours of the mornings sometimes if the bug got into me. I am somewhat of a night owl that way, but with little kids, it is hard to make up the sleep in the a.m. so I try not to stay up so late.

I am really excited to get into the good fabric for this cheongsam though. It is a red-violet satin brocade with gold vines and little purple, red, green and blue flowers. Tres chic! Presently I am just working out the kinks in the pattern with a mock up--boring, but necessary.