Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Books I am reading, or trying to

I have a reading list, and it seems to be getting longer by the day. Most of the books aren't for fun, however, so if after perusing this, you want to recommend a good, fun read, please do.

Knowing with the Heart: Religious experience and belief in God, Clouser
The Myth of Certainty: The reflective Christian and the risk of commitment, Taylor
Putting the Amazing back into Grace, Horton
Chosen by God, Sproul
The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, Documented, Thomas
Perfect Daughters, Ackerman
Silent Sons, Ackerman
Codependent No More, Beattie
The Lost Continent, Bryson
The Book Against God, Wood
Hotel Pastis: A novel of Provence, Mayle (just bought this today used for 20cents- ooh, la la)

Some of these, I doubt I will finish, I got mostly through a few of them, and have no interest in picking them back up.....those would be: Perfect Daughters, Silent Sons, Codependent No More (these are some of the ones my counselor recommended- but I think I am moving past these), The Book Against God is one M bought me for Christmas and it just makes me mad to read it, because the main guy is so much like M- and yet different, but there are too many strange coincidences.

Then there are the countless classics that I never read or started and didn't finish...... oh, when will there be enough time for them all.