Saturday, October 23, 2004

Cozy Spaces

While washing up the dishes this morning, I let L have free reign. She toddled in and out with various little toys clenched firmly in her fist. First it was a small metal bell with wood handle which she demonstrated quite competantly that she is ready for the Salvation Army Santa job. Next, she had something white and soft, ah, a tissue from who-knows-where, and thankfully she hadn't tried eating it yet. Her next endeavor was to explore some of the kitchen cabinets. I have let all of my children explore them, K's favorite was the tupperware cabinet, and the drawer beneath the stove where extra pots and pans are stored. He would take them out and get in there himself. D liked the pots and pans too, but more so to bang around. L likes to open the drawer with the bibs and pull each one out an drop them on the floor, but today she found a new place. The baking cabinet. It is where all my baking sheets, muffin tins, cooling racks, mixer and various loaf and cake pans are housed. It is a very large cabinet in the corner with no shelves, and L discovered she can actually get in there next to the baking sheets and mixing bowls. She looked quite pleased with herself, feet dangling out, nestled in the bakeware. I remember as a child loving little cozy spaces like that too, they give a feeling of security and closeness.