Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy Birthday L!

One year ago today, I was beaming, radiant, and finally after nine months, no longer pregnant. I gave birth to my very first little daughter, the littlest of my babies (7lbs, 6oz) and the easiest to bear. It has been quite an eventful year, in many ways that I never would have expected, but the one greatest gem of this year was having this new little girl person to get to know, love and nurture. L has been and continues to be the bright spot in dark moments. She is a true delight, happy and playful. She loves music and "dancing", being chased, tickled, cuddled, and read to. She is curious and coy, determined and spunky. L is my precious daughter, and now she is now longer a baby. She has been walking now for nearly two months, which bumps her into the "toddler" category. Watch out world, here she comes! Happy Birthday, little Prettiness.