Friday, October 29, 2004

Down on the farm

Took the children to Weber's Farm today with my dear friend MK and little A, (L's first boyfriend). We had lots of fun seeing all the decorated pumpkins (or as K and D say, "punkmins"), feeding the goats, watching the bunnies and tramping through the mini hay maze. L especially liked the green plastic fencing surrounding the hay maze, as well as the windmill she kept reaching for. (Maybe we should get one for here. It would fit right in. Renovated barn-house, chicken coop, windmill, sure, that makes sense. I will have to mention it the the folks.) We wrapped up the afternoon snacking on tasty fresh apple cider and cider doughnuts that are made on the premises. To quote Homer Simpson, "Mmmmm, doughnuts." We got to bring home a few "punkmins" too, a nice festive decorative reminder of such a gorgeous fall day.