Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Happy Birthday Heinz! (and me too)

All through grade school, middle school and high school, there was a boy (often in my homeroom for we shared the same last initial) named Heinz with whom I shared my birthday. To this day, he has been my only aquaintance with whom I share my special day, and it became sort of an inside joke between us to wish each other Happy Birthday. So, Heinz, "Happy Birthday!" I have no clue where or what he is up to, as I never saw him again after graduation. Our friendship consisted of making funny faces at each other in elementary school (in the second grade class photo, Heinz is making his fang lips- just for me--he could also turn his eyelids inside out, and I thought that was really gross, in a cool sort of way), and it kind of dropped off after that, but we were always friendly in the hallways and such.

So.....Thirty-two. It usually takes me a whole year to remember how old I am, and then it changes, so if you catch me saying thirty-one, I am not deliberately fibbing, I just simply have forgotten my own age.

I just received my first gift, a bouquet of flowers. Thanks mom. Happy Birthday, to me. :)