Saturday, October 16, 2004

The little charmer

Was out with L tonight, and she was making friends all over town. Everywhere I take this little girl, people stop and smile and ask me questions. "Oh, how old is she?" "She is so cute.... What is her name?" Well, I have never gotten so much attention in public before, except when K was a baby. It must be those huge blue eyes, who can resist? Once, in line at the bank she was totally flirting over my shoulder with the man behind us. She has this little coy smile where she tucks her chin down to the side and flashes those dimples, it works every time. She did it again tonight in the Blockbuster, a handsome silver-haired man kept eying her, or was it me? No, it was definitely her, but he did shoot a smile and a nod across to me in the parking lot as I was buckling her into her carseat. Once in the supermarket, this lady would not leave us alone. I get a little territorial with strangers touching my children, and this lady was getting too close. Finally, I said, "Well, I have shopping to do, good bye," as politely as I could muster. I really wanted to say, "Hey lady, don't touch my kid!" Something about children and pregnant bellies, that people think they are invited to touch them without asking first. This is one of my pet peeves.