Thursday, November 04, 2004

Another day older...

It happens to us every day, aging. So, I am thirty-two. Thirty-two. hmmm.

The birthday was good, except for a couple things: the headache, nausea, and cruel gift from M.
Had girl time at Egyptian Pizza, lots of good laughter, but that Tandori Chicken didn't like me very well. I was blessed with magnificent gifts, including but not limited to: chocolate rose tea, a beautiful giant mug, bath supplies-tried them tonight-lovely, and a day of pampering at the spa-to be had next week! woo hoo! A much needed time of pampering, I am psyched.

I had a very crappy day today, and I am not sure I know what to say about it. Was feeling good and motivated this morning, and then it all came crashing down when I read two pages of M's birthday present to me: Against Love, by Laura Kipnis. It is probably the cruelest birthday gift I have ever received, and that includes the cow tongue that the boys threw into the girls res at Refreshing Mountain that one time, back in 1987(?) (I'm not sure if it was specifically for me, but I was the one who decided to "regift" it back to the boys with some alterations. hee hee- ah, good times.)

I am in need of large doses of "Girl Power". Maybe I will watch "Kill Bill" this weekend.