Saturday, November 13, 2004

wishes do come true

I am so proud of myself today. Today I got my internet up and running all by myself. It only took three or five tries, and it finally worked. I let go of my defeatest attitude, that I am not computer savvy, and tried one last time this morning to install the Linksys connecter thingy for my DSL line. For some odd reason, it didn't work the first few times, and I had to manually install some of the components, and I am not even sure why it worked, but I am so pleased that it did. My computer has just had a frankensteinlike harddrive swap with another compatible comp, so all seems to be well thus far...knock on wood.

I must say that many of the things I had hoped and wished for on my birthday have come true, and I am so blessed to have such thoughtful, loving friends and family. Thursday was the "spa day" and it was divine. It all started with a Swedish massage ( I am not sure what was so "Swedish" about it, but it felt wonderful), then a facial (which is like a special massage just for the face and neck, that cleanses the pores), then a pedicure and manicure which were enhanced by the super-cool shiatsu chair massager I had going the whole time (once I figured out how to turn it on). So I think MK and I know what we want for Christmas....
.....we want those shiatsu chair pads, a worthy investment for tired, aching, baby holding/chasing, moms. Oooohh, it was soooo nice.