Thursday, November 25, 2004

Food, Family, Friends (and some total strangers)

This was the first year in many that I was able to enjoy sitting at my parents' table for the traditional family feast. Every year there has been some felt tension about where we (M and kids and I) would eat the meal-his family or mine, and would we go to both homes or just one. The choice was very easy to make this year, and I felt no guilt whatsoever. There were 12 around the table, including my munchkins, and three individuals whom I met for the first time tonight. Some "strays" from church that were unable to go home this year. My oldest friend, TT was there with her folks, and tomorrow we head north- to Philly. Yay!

I am leaving all three children in their father's care while I spend a day with TT. I will get to see her new-old house, that is in the process of major redo, and have some quality female bonding. I am a little aprehensive leaving L overnight, because she is not yet weaned, but she also doesn't need to nurse for nutritional purposes, it is only for comfort at this point. I have never left her overnight before. I think the longest I was away from her was a whole afternoon-maybe six hours. So this is a big deal for me. When D was this age, I made a similar trip, and he faired just fine. It will be fine. Sure, fine.