Saturday, November 06, 2004


I know I am making progress. I know this because I can recover from a blow faster than I used to. I know this because I can embrace my faith and receive the love and grace that is offered me by Christ. I know this also because I can look back over the past year and see how far I have come. Those baby steps add up.

Another Saturday, full of potential chores, errands, dreams. I am getting better at using my "free" time. I feel productive, even if somewhat overwhelmed with all I hope to accomplish with my few hours of being an off-duty mother. I have been able to reclaim my studio, although not finished doing so. I have worked on a second cheongsam mock-up, making progress here, but still not perfect- it needs some fine tuning before cutting the "fashion fabric." I washed a huge sinkful of dirty dishes (mostly spoons and sippy cups), and folded and put away the gargantuan mountain of laundry heaped on my bed. Yay me!

Great news on L: we were at a party last night, and didn't get home until close to ten o'clock, where I promptly put her to bed, and she slept through the whole night! Only thing is, she woke at the usual time- about seven thirty this a.m., and I was up until one (when will I learn?).

I have some great pics I hope to post soon, but can't figure out how to do on this computer- I wasted over an hour trying earlier this week. I have good news that I will (eventually) have a replacement comp, but not sure how long it will take to get it fixed, etc. So, please bear with me people who want more pictures. :)