Sunday, November 28, 2004

November Foliage

How appropos that I choose "November Foliage" as the paint color for my living room? It is a deep chocolatey brown, and I just want to lick the whole wall when I have a chocolate craving. Like the crazy "J" that I am, I stayed up until 3am finishing painting, putting a book shelf together and trying to bring some order to my living room last night. This was not a wise thing to do. I missed out on church because D slept in until 9 and L went down for an a.m. nap shortly after that. I didn't get enough sleep, so I am rather grumpy now, but the room looks good. The brown complements all the light robin's egg blue accents I have in there, as well as the wood tones. TT also just gave me two fabulous pillows from the fabric printing place where she works, and they match perfectly!

As for the kinderen while I was away... they did just fine. I secretly hoped that L would give her father a little more difficulty in the night, just so he could feel what it is like for a change. But I am glad for her sake that she only woke once, which is usual for her. However, she wouldn't take a bottle for him, (she took one fine for me the morning I left) but she also didn't lack for food and drink. And my little men are used to being away for me for that long, so it was no biggie for them