Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Oh, happy new year

I did it. I survived. I made it through the Christmas - New Year holiday with only one complete melt-down, and only emptied one box of tissues. (This is a huge improvement on last year.)

I had fun with my Philly friend Tif, as she rang in the new year with me and some other friends. There was lots of good food and drink and I stayed up way too late, continuing my tradition of beginning the new year sleep-deprived - just three solid hours of shut-eye. Prettiness woke me before the sun came up--and I actually saw the sun rise on the first day of this year. (It was a gorgeous rosy pink one too.) How many of you can make that claim?

As an introvert, I think I have filled my social quota for the whole season in the past week, and that makes me tired, but so does all of the emotion.

I am rethinking some of my scheduling commitments this year, I need to take better stock of my time and energy and focus on the most important things to nurture myself and my children. I need to follow Randy's example and have a day of reflection and make the necessary changes for this year. (By the way, Randy said I can invite you all to the discussion forums he has going, but you do need to register first--to dodge any of the evil Spammeristas who shut down his blog, those dirty rats!)