Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The incredible shrinking man, and other weird stuff Inge put in my stocking

My Christmas stocking was filled not only by me, it turns out. I hadn't mentioned it before, because, well, I've been in a bit of a funk and hadn't felt like it. Inge, my dear sister (in-law) and long-time friend dropped by on Christmas eve and plopped some surprises in my sock. We have enjoyed the boyfriend I grew in the bathtub, and now we are watching him shrink back to his two inch size. My sons have been fascinated with the effects of water on porous rubber (filled with some super-absorbant gel -like in diapers). I just tasted my first bit of Hello Kitty Chewing Candy, and I thought it would be like gum, but it was more like starburst or taffy--but a weird flavor-fruity, but non-descript. I really like the Emily the Strange Fire flavored gum too, it is eye-watering strong and cinnamonny, but it loses its "fire" a little too soon. I painted my nails pale pink last week with the polish she deposited too, but it never stays nice long with all the hand dishwashing, so I had to take it off so as not to look too "white trash".

I had another surprise delivered today: some venison. My dad's friend, Chip, is a hunter, and brought me some of his kill. Mmm, can't wait to cook me up some Bambi. Hehe. Oh, where is the "Grillmaster" when I need him most?