Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My little Potato Eater or Forgotten Pleasures Remembered

Tonight I relished watching little "Prettiness" eat mashed potatoes. There is nothing so pleasurable to a toddler as reaching a chubby hand into a pile of pasty food and smearing into her mouth. It made me want to eat them that way too, only I was holding her on my lap, so I refrained and just observed. No doubt, this eating adventure required bathing afterward, which is something my little girl has been loathing for the past three months. Ever since that horrible case of diaper rash, she has had a bath-phobia and would scream bloody murder at the near sight of anything resembling a tub of water. I had resorted to washing her up while sitting her on a towel on my lap, and once taken her in the shower with me, but she was just too slippery and it is hard to wash my hair using only one hand. Anyway, I ventured to give her a proper bath tonight and she only cried for a few minutes and then began to remember the forgotten pleasures of splashing and pouring water. She didn't even want to get out, but since she was beginning to shiver, I figured it was time. Oh, I hope next bath she remembers that she does like it after all and doesn't give me a fit.