Thursday, January 13, 2005

Good bye HFS

Yesterday was the last day that local radio station WHFS played on the air. It is now a local Latino-Hispanic station, which came as quite a shock when I hit my pre-programmed button yesterday and heard someone crooning en Espangol. (If you are curious like I was about this sudden unexpected change see here and read all about it.) I started listening to HFS back in the mid 80's when it was still an independent alternative station. I discovered it through my punk-rock sister, and really liked it. Then it gradually became, well, not so special. Lots of angry boy-bands and lots of commercials. The Flashback cafe was always fun, and the main reason I still hung in there with HFS. I even attended one of the first HFStivals -the one at Lake Fairfax, that was so fun, like a mini-alternative-woodstock, the Violent Femmes were the headliners. "Do you like American music?" It was very memorable. But now I search for a new alternative station that will play all my high-school favorites as well as new groovy tunes. Perhaps the WRNR is the one, although I always have found it ironic that a disc jockey (remember Damien?) would have a speech impediment.