Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Sometimes we need to clear our schedules, and have some down-time, and just "be". I suppose that is what I have needed, because I have simply forgotten several things in my schedule this week, and not remembered them until they have long passed. My mind has been elsewhere. It has been nice to chill with the kinderen and not feel pressured to be anywhere, but we missed a homeschool field trip yesterday--I even had that one written down on the calendar. We missed WOW this morning, but I wasn't dead-set on going today anyhow, even though it was the first one for the new season. I almost ditched Bible study Monday night, but since Judy called me the night before, I felt obliged. I really think all of the socializing over Christmas holiday, and New Year's has turned me back into the hermit I once was... I'm sure it won't last long. Usually I have the snow as an excuse to not go anywhere for a while. See, we live on this ginormous hill that is pretty darn precarious in inclement weather, and I am lacking four-wheel-drive, so I will stay in until the asphalt thaws a bit, and that can take a couple days-depending on the sun/wind/temp scenario. I am still hoping to see some snow this winter, there has been way too much dreary rain. Snow is much more interesting. It is sculptable, makes a great weapon, a slippery medium for transportation, and it is a great sound insulator. It also looks purty.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!