Friday, January 21, 2005

Garden State

Just finished watching Garden State tonight. *deep sigh* Wow, it hit me hard.

In his attempt to help his son (Andrew Largeman) deal with grief, the psychiatrist father has prescribed him so many meds that he is too numb to feel anything - even the good stuff.

There are many times these days when I wish I could numb all the pain that I feel, and I have tried some of the lesser methods, but they always wear off, and the pain is still there when it does. We can not escape life. It happens and we need to deal with it. "Sometimes life just effing hurts." Unfortunately this film doesn't offer the same kind of hope that we Christians can have in knowing that it is all for a purpose, part of God's intricate design. But yet, somehow the movie is hopeful. Largeman begins to unlock his guilt, anger and grief and deals with it. The healing process comes with unexpected companionship, and clarity (not taking the meds), and some bizarre friendships.

Oh, yes and thank-you, person who recommended the soundtrack to this film, it is indeed worth a listen.

Joyella's disclaimer:
This film is a little gritty with real-life kind of content, which is never tidy. There is a lot of swearing, drug use and other racey material. There, I have warned you.