Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Pets

Maybe you noticed (or not) but I have a new cyber pet here at snippets (scroll down). Solid is a sweet, cuddly bunny I adopted. Since no one likes a skinny bunny, please feed her a carrot, she won't eat for me. I also have taken in a puppy we call Aubergine, on my other blog. He likes to jump for treats. My kids are thrilled with these new pets, and I'll be honest, they are a lot less work then our little froglets. Yes, we have two very tiny little frogs now. We named them Camoflage (Cam) and Incognito (Iggy) since they change color.

*Props to Cindy, who's Lady Macbeth was so much fun, we had to get our own little cyber critters.