Saturday, December 03, 2005

A quick trip back to Japan

Last night I had the pleasure to revisit Japan by eating at Sushi Hana in Towson.
My experience was a bit different than this one, however it was still good food with the good company of an old high school friend. We met our waitress first when we ordered drinks at the bar, she was authenticly dressed wearing a kimono and lots of eye makeup. It was rather comical having her serve us, because it was apparent that she was eager to serve, however behind the bar it was so piled up with boxes, she was practically doing gymnastics to get us our drinks. When we got our table a few minutes later, she appeared again. Her English was rough, so we were curious to see if she understood us. She brought our order, well most of it. We dined on shrimp tempura rolls, California rolls, tuna rolls, and Philadelphia rolls (salmon with cream cheese). She forgot to bring us the eda mame and the miso soup, but since she didn't charge us for them, and we were so stuffed on the sushi rolls, we didn't mind. She did however, bring us some deilicious Japanese bubble gum with our check. I had fun chewing peach, and my friend liked the melon, "It tastes exactly like cantalope!" I replied, "Peachy."