Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Geographic what?

Last May was pretty much all about oral hygiene and dentistry for me. I had been suffering from some tooth pain, and when I finally got to the dentist and had x-rays done, it was discovered that I needed thirteen fillings and two were very near the need of root canals. I have a bit sweet tooth, to put it mildly, and that coupled with the fact that I hadn't seen a dentist since I was pregnant with my second-born (now 5 yrs old) meant some serious tooth decay. Needless to say I got all patched up after five trips to the dentist (in one month), lots of ibuprofen and a little vodka. Today was my biannual dental cleaning and the only news I got this time, praise God, is that I have geographic tongue, also called benign migratory glossitis. My tongue is going places people! Don't worry, it's not even contagious, it just looks weird, and for some people can cause sensitivity to spicy or hot foods.

I remember when I was a teen, I was on vacation with my friend Tif, and her family. We stayed in a little double wide trailer near Busch Gardens and Williamsburg. Anyway, her brother (whom I happened to have a mild crush on at the time) proudly displayed his geographic tongue to me as we were passsing each other in the hallway of the trailer. I thought it was weird, but then again so was he (that was his charm), so it fit perfectly. Now I have joined him with the rest of the 3% of the population who has this unusual condition.