Friday, December 23, 2005

Longwood Wonderland

Yesterday we had the pleasure to be treated by my dad to a trip to Longwood Gardens for their beautiful winter display of lights, flowers, and seasonal decorations. While daylight persisted, we toured the magical land inside the conservatory which is filled with exotic plants and flowers, water falls and decorations. They have been rennovating, and the conservatory won't be complete until 2008, but there still is plenty to see and enjoy. We saw a magnificent sunset before our dinner, and then the outdoor gardens were transformed by the darkness of night and the wonderment of electric lights. It was breathtaking. Perhaps those nearby may have thought me a tad obnoxious, because I kept exclaiming, "WOW! OOOOh, Wow!". To keep warm the boys and I held hands and did lots of skipping and running. We concluded the evening with the spectacular performance of the fountains (synchronized with colored lights to Christmas music). If you are near enough to visit, I highly recommend this outing, it's well worth the $15 per person.