Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Flightless Fruit Flies (say that ten times real fast)

The most disgusting thing I ever spent money on is a vial of flightless fruit flies in various stages of life. One small vial costs about 6 bucks and lasts a couple weeks. Why did I buy these nasty little insects when all I have to do is let a bananna go bad and they are swarming in the kitchen? Our froglet. It's been a while since I've updated my readers on our pets: froglet and tadpole. Froglet, aka: Camoflage (since he changes color to match his surroundings) has been with us for about a month (as a frog, we raised him from a tadpole). Our last froglet died of unknown causes and I thought this one was a goner the other day. He had escaped from the habitat (because I neglected to snap the lid tight) and I couldn't find him Monday morning. I knew he would be in the kitchen somewhere and soon found him on the floor, I could have so easily squashed him, disguised as a dust bunny. His legs had gotten all gunked up with lint. Please keep in mind this froglet is only about the size of my fingernail. Can you find him in the picture? But happily, we were able to return him safely to his home and he seems completely recovered.

I trooped into three different pet stores yesterday with all three children in tow and still came up empty on the flightless fruit flies. Stores don't like to sell them because they die in a couple weeks...which is precisely why I need to buy more. So I spent some time digging in the dirt looking for the most miniscule thread worms and creepy-crawlies I could find to feed this guy. Frogs will only eat live prey. This tiny amphibian is becoming a lot of work, I hope the flies come in soon.

We are hoping Tadpole (now accepting ideas for names, please post your votes in comments) will soon join Camoflage in the frog habitat. He has his hind legs, so it won't be too much longer now.