Wednesday, November 02, 2005


It is my birthday today, and before I forget, Happy Birthday Ben, Heinz and whomever else shares my special day.

How many times can a girl celebrate the same birthday? On Saturday, I had a lovely brunch with some girlfriends at the BMA and then toured the Monet's London exhibit with a couple of them afterward (thanks Jeffy!). I've already opened gifts and received flowers and cards. Last night my folks bestowed their gifts of love upon me, since dad heads out this a.m. for another trip. Nothing spectacular planned for today actually. I've got bible study this morning, possibly lunch with my best bud, MK, and the kids won't even be home for dinner, so I'll either take a nap or go shopping (I got a couple giftcards I'm itching to use).

My children are still too young to really do anything on their own to celebrate, but yesterday when we were grocery shopping, I asked them what they wanted to "make" me for breakfast. They thought I was kidding. Finally, they said "donuts, but we can't make them." I asked if they might be able to put one on a plate for me if I bought some... donuts are their most favorite breakfast treat, and since I have been "quitting" donuts, this really excited them.

I'll drag out the festivities of my birthday as long as I can, but I'm only turning 33 once, and that is TODAY.