Friday, November 25, 2005

Post Thanksgiving Review

Well, I pulled it off. As my own worst critic, I know where improvements could have been made in the cuisine. In an attempt to avoid the "oh, no the turkey is not done yet" panic, I had the bird done too soon, so I think it got a bit dry, however the flavor due to the under-skin wet rub and the over-skin dry rub was terrific. Not sure exactly what went wrong with the gravy. I had the opposite problem with the cornbread, it was a bit under done in the center. I swear the skewer came out clean! We accidentally forgot MK's delicious sweet potatoes which were warming in the oven. But in my family, it is practically a tradition to forget one dish at a big meal like this. But everything else was superb (If I may say so myself) . Mmmmmm, pie for breakfast!