Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Preps

Somehow I managed to get to bed at a decent hour for the first time in weeks last night. So when L awoke at her usual 6 am, I was actually O.K. with getting up. I of course changed her, and made her go back to bed, but when I realized how still the house was and how alert I was, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I spent at least a half hour in reading the scriptures and in prayer, especially making note of what I am thankful for. Paul calls us to be "over flowing with thanksgiving" in Colossians...and while I am very thankful, I don't think I'm over flowing just yet.

After planning the Thanksgiving menu of :

Curried Acorn Squash Soup
The Perfect Roasted Bird (Turkey)
Mashed Potatoes
Buttered Green Beans with Chives
Broccoli (for the kiddos)
Corn Bread
MaryKate's Cranberry Sauce
(& Sweet Potatoes?)
Pumpkin Cheesecake with Bourbon Cream
The Best Apple Pie

I took inventory, made my list and swooped off to the supermarket with my three children. It was pretty busy there, but not a madhouse. We made our way through the aisles with our list and gathered what we needed. I chose a checkout line that I thought was moving quickly (the kids were getting antsy and hungry for lunch). I happened to behind the coupon queen. One of those ladies who spends $80 on $300 worth of groceries, and it was taking an extremely long time. Finally after the manager cleared her last uncooperative coupon, it was my turn. I had an almost full cart of things and after the total came up to 90 some bucks (after savings), she asked me if I was making the Thanksgiving meal. I said yes, and she replied, "Oh, you must have gotten everything already, huh?" I was confused, I had just spent a good sum on things I need for the meal. Maybe since I wasn't buying the turkey, packaged stuffing, pre-made pies and canned beans, French onions, and cream of mushroom soup, it didn't look like I had the right things. I instead bought ingredients; and in case you are unfamiliar with ingredients they are things like: fruits, vegetables, herbs, bread, oil, spices, butter, shortening, nuts, milk, chicken broth, flour and so on.

This afternoon I am roasting the squash and pumpkin so this evening I can make the soup and the cheesecake. Tomorrow I need to defrost that turkey, it is still rock hard.