Monday, February 28, 2005

Misters Robot-o

It snowed again today. It seems that after a brief flirtation with Spring, Winter has resumed for it's last hurrah and for the second time in less than a week we are getting accumulation. Schools have been closed since Thursday, and I am sure they will be again tomorrow, possibly Wednesday too. Well, since I homeschool, we operate on a different kind of schedule, but since today was special (because snow makes even homeschooled children hyper), we built some very cool robots. We have been saving up boxes, tubes and plastic bottles and I bought a big, fat roll of duct tape, broke out the glue gun and voila, two Robot men were born. (Pictures will be coming forthwith.) This project makes up for at least a couple weeks of art projects, since it took us all afternoon. The best part was when they were completed, the boys began flying them around the house and making all those cool noises that only little boys know how to make to demonstrate their fighting abilities. Apparently these robots fight. The Artist told me his was on Jupiter because it has less gravity so it can jump higher. When I informed him that Jupiter has more gravity, he corrected himself and said, "Oh, not Jupiter, the moon then, that has less gravity, right?" Oh, smart child. So I guess this was sort of an interdisciplinary art lesson, a little art and science all rolled into one.

Tomorrow we will catch up on Phys. Ed and frolic in the snow for a while. It is so gorgeous outside tonight. Everything is glowing under the snowy crystals. I love how when it snows like this everything is carpeted and soft, insulated and quiet. There is a magical stillness about it, especially at night.