Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Little Prettiness is now 16 months old and is totally weaned. She after only five days off the breast, outright rejected it when offered, so that job is now done. The Stuntman was much harder to wean, he had begun the nasty little habit of biting, so it was time, but he faught me for it. Each morning he would attempt to lift my shirt, and when I wouldn't let him, he would throw a fit...Prettiness, doesn't seem to miss it one bit, it makes it a little easier for me that way. I am now freer to leave for longer periods of time which allows me to travel to San Diego in April and possibly Japan in August! Just this past weekend I was able to go up to Philly again to see TT. I got to see the cool fabric printing studio where she works in Manayunk, aquire a brown suede coat (it was free!), window shop on Main Street and have the only hot chocolate that she will drink this side of the Atlantic. (Once you spend a year in Austria, you become a bit of a hot-chocolate snob.) It was delicious, made with real milk, real cocoa, and not much sugar. We thought the only thing that would make it better would be real whipped cream on top, but it was too good to complain about a little detail like that. The twenty-four hour leave flew by, and I anxiously await her next visit to Balto, when the D.C.'s cherry blossoms are in bloom.