Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tatoo me (it's New Year, again)

There is a new addition to my dermis, it isn't permanent, however. Yogi Bear has taken residence on my upper right arm, and The Artist is sporting Tom and Jerry on his right forearm. The boys have been sick, so I have tried to break the monotony of laying around, reading books and watching videos with a little body art. I got these freebie tatoos from Cartoon Network, and they are pretty good ones. I wore the Huckleberry Hound one for about a week before it was completely rubbed off by my jeans...still deciding where Quick Draw McGraw and Fred and Barney should be displayed...

Today is also Chinese (Lunar) New Year, Ash Wednesday, and my friend Inge's birthday. I celebrated the latter with Inge but with a little Chinese twist--some China Moon take-out, and some herbal Chinese-ish gifts and some not-so-Chinese-chocolate-raspberry-pudding-cake. Yummmy. We talked so much that there was no time for the movie, so I will have to see it another time.

I am very tired. The Stuntman decided to interupt my precious REM several times last night, and even though I did get a little nap, I am still beat.