Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pinkeln Pause*

Little Miss Prettiness is showing all the signs for potty-training readiness: she doesn't like to wear a wet diaper, she can undress herself, she can communicate her need to go (if not wearing a diaper). So last night we bought little girly "training pants" which barely stay up, since she's very petite for a two + year old, and some Strawberry Shortcake underpants which she loves so much she carries them all around. She even brought a pair outside to play this afternoon. Today is our 2nd day at this, and not doing too badly either. She is definitely getting it--when she's naked from the waist down, her success rate is much higher. So L is our resident nudist by day...at least for now.

~After only two accidents in the morning, L consistently used the potty the whole rest of the day! I put the diaper back on for naptime, it was wet when she awoke, but still very warm, which means....she probably didn't go until she woke up. This is very exciting....not the best timing, but exciting nonetheless.

for "pee break", pronounced: pink-eln pow-seh