Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Phase II, potty training, and B.Daman

Here's what's going on in my home....

South Beach Diet Phase II. It's much, much more doable and yet, as I reintroduce fruits and wholegrain carbs it is difficult not to overindulge. We all enjoyed chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert which are actually on the diet plan! Mmmmmmm yummy.

Potty training is still in session. Little Miss Prettiness averages 2 oopsies a day....but considering how many times she is successful, I really can't complain. I'm hoping sitting in a car all day Saturday heading to my sister's home won't set her back.

Went to Toy'sR us last night with the children to buy a birthday gift for my nephew. The store was the most packed I've ever seen in (save Christmas week), and it wasn't until we were checking out that I noticed all the gigantic signs announcing the stores forthcoming closure. I thought I was lucking out on all the post holiday sale prices. I purchased this new game for the boys, called B. Daman (pronounced "Bee Duhmon"). It's actually a pretty cool idea incorporating marbles with action figures which shoot the marbles in a variety of different games of accuracy as in "Direct Hit Battle" (DHB). Needless to say they are completely engrossed.