Sunday, January 29, 2006

Going Home

It couldn't have gone better. We arrived home after 12.5 hours of travelling (.5 hours faster than the trip down.) L only fussed briefly a few times because she had dropped a book or something, totally normal 2 year old frustration. Other than that, my children were virtually angelic! The weather was gorgeous and warm, we drove through the mountains and I was blessed to watch the sunset in the rear and side view mirrors while listening to the second half of The Fellowship of the Ring.

On Wednesday we visited the brand, spanking new Georgia Aquarium, which is very cool. There is theater seating in front of giagantic tanks to watch the aquatic life. It's mesmerizing. One tank has five Beluga whales, another also has a large walk through tunnel to view all sorts of ocean fish including whale sharks, sting rays and grouper and a third has a coral reef. The glass tank of the coral reef actually curves and extends overhead where we could watch the waves synchronized to music wash over us. Oh, they also have fun animals like otters, sea lions, penguins, sea dragons, jellyfish and enormous Japanese crabs and lots of hands on activities and "touch tanks" for the kiddos.