Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gimme some sugar

Hi, my name is Joyella, and I'm a carbo-choco-sugar-aholic.

South Beach Diet (official) Day 3:
I want sugar! I've actually been sugar-free, fruit-free, starch-free, and alcohol-free since last Wednesday -save a brief lapse for celebrating both the old and new years. This consisted 5 alcoholic beverages (over the course to two evenings), several chocolate dipped strawberries, one piece of french bread, two lady fingers also dipped in chocolate, oh, yes and the evil chocolate covered mini-cheesecakes....I lost count on those (thanks Liz). *sigh*

Am I off the wagon if I lick up a drip of chocolate syrup while mixing chocolate milk for my son? Do chocolate sprinkles count as cheating? I am "allowed" 5 mini-chocolate chips in a South Beach Diet "dessert"....5 MINI chips?! Pulllleez... a small handful of regular chips might tide me over...

But I think this dietary modification will improve my health and my cooking. Never before have I eaten so many vegetables at each meal and in between as snacks. The book has recipes, but I'm having more fun making up various stir fry dishes, salads, and omlette variations. I do miss bread, and fruit, but mostly it's the chocolate and general sweetness of sugar I miss. Well this phase lasts 2 weeks, then I get to add in fruits and a little chocolate and some whole grain starches. (For someone who secretly aspires to being a chocolatier and pastry chef, this diet is brutal.)