Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My lying blogroll

I don't understand it, but my blogroll is supposed to notify me when someone has a new post...well for some it does and others it doesn't. Like one blog has been marked "new post" for several days and there isn't anything new there, while a couple others are never marked "new" even when there are new posts. Hrumph.

In other news, winter has returned. The Spring fling is over. No more 60 and 70 degree weather; flurries are scattering right now. I'm ready for Spring and warmth. My tulips are up about two inches, and yet I fear (and hope) for one more big snow. I finally bought a tobaggon, and I would like to try it with the children. However, next week is full of school events, and mom and dad will be cruising, so if we do get some accumulation, we are stuck. I'm not plowing this hill all on my way.