Friday, February 24, 2006

crummies in our tummies

Apparently it's contagious, and even though L's fever has subsided, she's not 100%. Now I've got "it" and thought today I was on the mend, but alas...none such luck, at least not yet.

K and D have managed to entertain themselves pretty well while I am sick, and have discovered one of my favorite childhood pasttimes, playing in the woods. Today they returned from their adventures covered in mud with huge smiles on their ruddy faces. Sometimes they dig for bottles and things, today, they were stacking tires. I guess even today people use the beautiful woods as a public dumping ground.

We've found some pretty interesting things in the woods adjacent to our property. As a kid I used to play in an old rusted out VW convertible halfway down the hill. The story was that it was a getaway car for a robbery. The theives came up the driveway thinking it was a through street and when they got to the top, just gunned it into the woods. (At least that's how I remember it.) There was an old swingset, the tacky metal kind, but the ladder was procured by mom to be a climbing support for some peas or something. Many, many old milk (and other) bottles have been collected too. I like to line them up on the window ledge and let the southern sunlight dance across them.