Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Little Bed-Warmer

Nothing warms a bed on a cold night better than a feverish two-year old. L came home last night from her dad's with a temp over 101. So to pamper her a little, I granted her wish to sleep in my big comfy bed with me (and Pooh Bear, Doggie-dog, Meow-meow, and Bunny). There was hardly any room for me, but I managed to find a spot.

It's snowing again, just heavy flurries, no accumulation expected, and we are watching Sesame Street. I usually let the kids watch more T.V. or movies when they are ill, it's a special treat.

I'm not dissappointed to have our plans cancelled today. After a very busy week, and an even busier weekend, I'm still recooperating from all the activity.