Monday, February 13, 2006

Can you dig it?

My biceps are trembling from the rigorous shovelling workout. Yesterday I spent an hour and a half clearing paths to the chicken feed (shed), chicken coop and from my door to the folks door. This way I can feed the animals without gearing up every single time. Today I was getting nevous as Chip hadn't come back yet and the trodden on places were beginning to get solid with ice. So, I tramped out with the kids and dug for about two hours. Later today, Chip interrupted nap time to tell me there was ice on the hill that the snow blower couldn't quite manage, meanwhile he had to get another part for the malfunctioning snowblower. I said to him, "If only we could redirect the energy those three guys are spending on snowboarding, we'd have this hill clear in no time." Extravert that Chip is, said something motivating, and those three highschool juniors took to helping me clearing a wide path all the way down the hill. They were even equipped with their own shovels. When Chip returned he was amazed at how much we had accomplished and he gave me the nod to go inside. To my pleasure, L was still fast asleep.

And here I sit once again contemplating dinner, and wishing I could sleep instead. Well at least I'm getting some much needed excercise. Can you guess where I'll be sitting* tonight?

* hint: it starts with "shiatsu" and ends with "chair"