Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sew tired

I was up late last night working on my mock-ups for the pattern making and development class I will be taking this weekend. I finished the third and final one around 11:30pm only to discover that I hadn't done the dishes, laundry or other tedious chores around the house. Stayed up until after midnight trying to catch up a little. What a week! I have much respect for all the single moms/dads out there who are forced into positions of full time work on top of their full time mothering/fathering. It is simply exausting.

Class starts early tomorrow morning, and I still need to gather up some supplies. Looks like a trip to the Office Depot and Jo-Ann's are in order today. I am excited to be nurturing this part of myself, to revive those dormant creative juices and get them flowing once again. I hope to complete the class with two (possibly three) well developed and perfect fitting patterns.

*Seasonal update* A huge, I mean ginormous, spider was in my kitchen yesterday, and a smaller but equally disgusting one in my bedroom the night before. Why now? The huge ones should all be dead, it is only 20 degrees outside. The eggs can't be hatching this soon, can they? Perhaps they sneeked out when I was in the attic last Saturday. Ooooh, it's just gross.