Sunday, August 15, 2004

My first

So this is my first blog, maybe I should introduce myself. I am Joyella, age 31, married mother of two sons and a daughter, and I work full time taking care of my family. This fall I begin homeschooling my oldest son in kindergarten. I have been an art teacher and custom clothier/freelance sewer for an income, and am currently looking into persuing my interests in clothing design and construction. I am a Christian and I am committed to my faith, but I am also trying to better understand the God/ Man relationship as well as develop a better "argument" for what I believe and why. This is specifically important right now because my philosopher-husband of ten years now is a sceptic- an agnostic. This was not the case when we married, but we were only just beginning our twenties, and that is such a maleable time of life. Much has changed in us, and I am left wondering: What is God trying to teach me? Where is this path I am on leading me? Who is with me?
I will use this blog as a place to explore these questions and others, and to share my joys and vent my frustrations of the journey. I am always open to hear the input of others. Until next time.